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Community lab is about education on how to create community and permaculture designs on community’s resilience

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Exploring the field

Contact us for exploring what is your need, your goals and how our services can serve you



In cooperation with the appropriate colleagues, we will design that serves your needs over time. 


overview Of the PROCESS

We support the implementation of the proposed design, being open to feedback that comes from the process and the people involved.

Our services

Youth Education

Permaculture design

Group facilitation

Management of courses

Our philosophy

We design THE 'CHANGE'

We deeply believe that the current system (financial, social, ethical) is based on a wrong assumption: the resources of our planet are infinite. This system is going to collapse soon. In its place we need a system that co-exists with the Earth and its boundaries.

We have seen that people in crisis turn to their community for safety. In the western lifestyle we live, we searched for community and we found none. Not only that but we found out that we forgot how to create community around us. However, our need for community is urgent, especially for youth.


Our mission is to spread tools and practices for creating community. Our experience comes from the systematic study of communities around the world, especially in Europe. We approach community holistically and scientifically, combining the disciplines of sociology, economy, environment/permaculture and psychology, in order to understand the role of the human being in the human made and non-human made ecosystem

Why us?


We offer our services with professionalism. We want to practice the “walk what you talk” style in our work.

Science approach

Our proposals are based on scientifically proven data and tools that have been proved to bring results. 

Open heart

We offer our services with a focus on engaging people one by one with an open heart. We are open to support new projects and find ways of alternative economy to support both of the projects.


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