We present you with more details our 5 services we offer that may serve your need

Educational Courses

We offer educational courses on topics around applied ecology and topics around management of groups. We focus on non-formal education on adults and especially young people, however we have experience also with adolescants. 

Subjects of courses:

Permaculture: soil – not dirt, water management and erosion, syntropic agriculture, gardening, seed saving etc.

Groups: facilitation of groups, confilcts, communication, alternative organizational methods (sociocracy 3.0), social permaculture, alternative economy (degrowth etc).


Indicative cost: 200 euros for each full day of workshop (7-8 hours) for funded workshops. For participants-funded workshops, 150 euros for each full day of workshop.



Permaculture design is about placing elements in space and time in the most efficient and regenerative way.

We offer designs based on permaculture principles. The design is about capturing the client’s vision in combination with the Community Lab’s knowledge. It includes the steps to implement it, the logistical requirements and an approximate budget for its implementation. Customers receive full design and implementation support for the start. For long-term support, see the “Consultancy” service.

For the design we use permaculture tools like sector analysis, input-output, zoning etc.

Indicative cost: 100 euros for field research, interview and initial estimation of process

1000 euros for an average size field/landscape full permaculture design. Surveying (topographical map) is not included in our services.


We offer consultancy to stakeholders that need support in their projects. Weather this is a land-based project, weather this is a social project. The consultancy includes help in organising the project, support in the design and over-viewing the project remotely or with field visits. We suggest a minimum of 2 years of consultancy in order to see the impact of the consultancy in your project.


In consultancy we use tools like non-violent communication, sociocracy, mentoring, process work.

Indicative cost: 50 euros per session

group facilitation

We offer facilitation of the processes of a group. We focus on the decision making process , the collective creative spaces (world cafe, visioning) and the creation of structure of a group.

For every process we use need assesment tools and a process work aproach. 

If you are interested in becoming as well a group facilitator, we offer group facilitation courses in Greece, follow

Management of courses

If you have an idea about a course or you want to apply for funding for an educational program, we can help in the process or take over completely its implementation. The course or the application should follow the ethics of community lab.

We are particularly experienced in Erasmus + KA1 programs and in organizing Permaculture Design Courses.

Indicative cost: 10- 15 % of the overall budget

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